The hunt for the green door

How you can train your eye for detail in a playful way

An eye for detail is very important for us photographers. Whether it's hair sticking out, smudged make-up or an outfit that doesn't fit. Recognizing and improving small details can make a big…

"F4v5t" makes debut

New man at Aeons of Ashes

Lately a lot of things are happening with many bands - also with the wastelanders of Aeons of Ashes. On April 30, the band from St. Pölten played their first live show after a long time with a new…

Vulvarine rock the Escape

Big rock in a small frame

After we were still gymnastics in the woods the day before for the next music video, Vulvarine announce their impressive return from the Lockdown break on 04/17/2022.

Debut for Vulvarine at Pandemic

Rock'n'Roll at the sit-down concert

Vulvarine couldn't have asked for a better debut concert in such a challenging and difficult time. Shortly before Lockdown something (at some point I stopped counting) sell out the arena again. Ok…

A pint of Garage Rock

2x Grammy Nominees Rivals Sons in Vienna

You know this, don't you? You help someone to move, and bang - concert. In my case I helped dear Suzy from Vulvarine to move her stuff from A to B. As you can see, the evening ended with her taking me…

Thomas Weilharter

Portrait Shoot

Thomas and I got to know each other during the production of the short film "Gletscherkäfer", in which he plays the male lead.

Elabö - Checkmate!

With breathtaking acrobatics and hilarious slapstick comedy, Elabö tell the story of a chess game that gets out of hand in an amusing and poetic way in their play "Checkmate". A simple game of chess…

Sporty day with Bämboo

Well, I'm generally one of those people who get a lot of pain just watching. But going out with Bämboo and shooting pictures is always a lot of fun and produces cool results.